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Ibogaine - Chemical Dependency and Posttraumatic Stress

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PostPosted: Sun 22 Jun, 2008 10:16    Post subject: Ibogaine - Chemical Dependency and Posttraumatic Stress Reply with quote

Detta är en hypotes om hur ibogain kan användas för att bota/lindra posttraumatisk stress (PTSD). Publicerad i MAPS Volume 8 Number 1 Spring 1998.

Ibogaine Therapy in Chemical Dependency and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Hypothesis Involving the Fractal Nature of Fetal REM Sleep and Interhemispheric Reintegration.

C.M. Anderson, Ph D.

Consolidated Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, and the Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program, McLean Hospital, Belmont, USA.

Inspired first by a synchronistic meeting with Dr. Debora Mash and Dr. Julie K. Staley, then by enigmatic descriptions of Bwiti lore, I have developed a hypothesis supporting the use of ibogaine, as well as other analogs or compounds with oneiric properties for the treatment of chemical dependency and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In short, ibogaine interacts with many neurotransmitter systems to drive amygdaloid-brainstem dynamics into a critical oneiric state, with fractal time patterns of phasic events similar to those existing during fetal rapid eye movement (REM) or Active sleep1. In effect, ibogaine pharmacodynamically destabilizes the functional connectivity of the brainstem and its habitual interactions with bihemispheric temporal lobe structures such as the amygdala, creating a functional state of plasticity in these areas which facilitates the reintegration of traumatic memories by altering psychopathological interhemispheric dynamics, ultimately dissipating addiction-related behavioral patterns. This psychotherapeutic oneiric state is similar to the complex behavioral states of REM sleep and attentional orienting in that they all share the signature of the self-organized critcal state, 1/f (one-over-f) patterns of activity involving many levels of the nervous system from the subcellular to the behavioral. Observed similarities between the neurophysiology of the REM state and that induced by selective psychedelic drugs such as LSD or psilocybin further support this hypothesis as does the observation that REM sleep, which is disrupted by drug abuse and traumatic experiences (1-5), has been shown to be essential for emotional regulation, learning and memory consolidation. Recent findings by many researchers, including the author, that stress or abuse in early life induces abnormal hemispheric functional asymmetries, disrupting REM sleep and predisposing patients to addictive and self-defeating behaviors resulting from impaired interhemispheric integration (6-11), support this new view of the psychobiology and treatment of addiction.

Här kan ni läsa hela artikeln:

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