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Kosttillskott i samband med ibogain
ett mail från mindvox ibogain mailinglista värt att publicera
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PostPosted: Wed 17 Oct, 2007 00:17    Post subject: Kosttillskott i samband med ibogain Reply with quote

Ett mail från en mailinglista som handlar om Ibogain och som jag tyckte var värt att publicera:

Hey all. While I'm not involved with detox, I come more from the life extension (and a
bit 3v17 h4x0r) corner, and think that an inevitable death/decline for all without choice is
a huge dogma causing more problems directly and indirectly than imaginable...

Umm, anyways, besides MindVox, I'm also lurking on things like http://imminst.org/forum,
which is about tracking Future Stuff to improve life in all areas, but also about currently
available things like supplements, nootropics, smarter life styles.... in the nootropic/brain
enhancer forum, about 10 cases/week of hard drugs, but also people fucked up by unjustified
prescription of ritalin and the wrong antidepressants, asking for help...

And basically, there are a lot of things that can help detox, or anything else that is helped by as
many as possible smaller steps in the right direction for a longer time... besides that, I believe
there are things that can be taken to augment psychedelic use in general (but it's something to
research yourself and then decide, of course), from natural stuff for relaxation and feeling better
to nutrients that are known regenerate/rebuild brain cells. As MindVox may be relaunching, even
some time before the mayan calendar ends, maybe there can eventually be a section on that stuff.

Of course, these Things do not exclude lifestyle/spirituality... after the acute recovery period from
bad stress, drugs or whatever, just being able to take some minutes a day doing nothing/enjoying nature/
being alone/taking time to feel and thinking in silence about stuff that 95% of humanity stopped ago a
few years due to not fitting in their time management schedule can help so much, more than any p1llz or
natural molecules, it's incredible and sounds like a stupid stereotype until you actually find time doing it.

From the plethora of brain nutrition info on sites like lef.org or imminst.org, here's just a bit of not too expensive
stuff that I have REAL positive experience with for well-being/anti-stress myself, which I think might make a
difference during times like detox, especially if taken for a longer time. And sorry in advance if anyone finds this
stuff boring, just think it may be interesting for some. Plus, money back if already seen on crazymeds.org Razz

* Ashwagandha (>300mg/day) = Ayurvedic plant extract that is proven to induce deep relaxation, anti-anxiety effects/kills all nervousness, and regenerate brain cells. You actually have to give in to the well-being/relaxation mood and RELAX, or prepare to eventually feel really tired.

* CoQ10 (>200mg/day or as Ubiquinol) = Maybe THE Ibogaine adjuvant supplement IMO, as it mitigates any arrythmia and cardiac issues, if only to feel safer. Also pretty important for brain regeneration and helps against stress/fatigue.

* 99% pure Cocoa -- starting at 5-10 grams/day, best effect with water as opposed to milk. Ultimate relax/well-being, much better than weed and healthy. In some cultures which drink a few litres Cocoa (without milk) a week, heart disease is pretty uncommon, which directly relates to that.

* High dose B vitamins = Often the difference between feeling totally fucked and feeling ok when under a lot of stress (including drug abuse/recovery). Vit B12 is one of the best things to prevent neurotoxicity, also from drugs, long-term it can even prevent things like stroke.

* Omega-3 Fish Oil with more than 1g of DHA per day = Brain cell rebuilding, concentration/brain energy, countering the root of depression, anti-anxiety/relaxation, countering dysphoria/feeling fscked up and much more. For getting brain benefits, the high DHA content which not a lot Omega's have is essential.

* Rhodiola rosea = Ultimate stuff against fatigue, low mental energy, concentration problems etc. for most people, also neuroprotective

* Choline (250-500mg/day) = Brain cell rebuilding and energy, taken together with DHA-rich omega3, it is proven to repair a lot of drain bamage, even normal age-associated stuff, and very noticeable after a few days. CDP-Choline is best.

* St Johns Wort (1-2x 450mg/day) is shown by clinical studies to be just as effective as Prozac but without the side effects!!1 If you're getting fed up with the dark/cold season, it probably means it'll make a difference with any issues, for example. For me it eliminates any stress or anxiety to a "I don't give a shit" point, without any of the negative effects of w33d, starting perhaps after 10 days of use and safe for long time use (however blood thinning and interacting with a lot of meds).

* N-acetyl-cysteine (< 800g/day) = Ups important antioxidants and aids the liver to detox a great amount of crap if necessary, and available everywhere as cough remedy... a new study shows that it really helps with addiction (the study is about gambling addiction:p), i.e. it helps with a broken/insufficient dopamine/reward system which most (ex-)addicts have.

* Selegiline (Deprenyl), a drug (2 mg/day) = selective MAO-B inhibitor that ups brain dopamine levels, but in a safe non-addictive way. Not more than 2,5 mg/week unless you have parkinsons or want aggressiveness/neurotoxicity, though. Low-dose also repairs and protects brain cells, e.g. it increases mitochondria count in brain cells. Umm, which may battle addiction and is a good thing.

Glöm inte att titta förbi den svenska Ibogain-bloggen! Läs (och kommentera gärna också)!
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